How to Be a Pirate Ninja?

Answer Can't decide whether you want to be a pirate or a ninja? Well, why not try being both. A pirate-ninja incorporates all the stealthy traits of a ninja and all the tomfoolery of a pirate. Just follow... Read More »

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How to Ninja Fight?

Do you want to know how to fight like a Ninja? Follow these steps and you will soon master the shadows.

Who would win in a fight between Chuck Norris and a ninja?

I'll try to answer this in the most educated way I can. Chuck Norris is an allround champion of several martial arts, while the ninja is most likely specialized in Chinese/Japanese martial arts. To... Read More »

What is the name of the old kid show on NPT Nashville Public Television that had a pirate looking for treasure with a genie The pirate would talk to the tv like he was addressing the kids watching?

This has been bothering me for years! From what I've found, it was called I-Land Treasure. This link ( is to a message board, but if you... Read More »

What was Tom Sawyers's pirate name in 'Tom Sawyer Pirate'?