Where did Lewis& Clark first find the grizzly bear?

Answer Explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark first found the grizzly bear in present-day North Dakota on October 20, 1804. According to a journal entry, the explorers' hunters wounded the grizzly b... Read More »

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What Kind of Enclosure Would a Gorilla Need If in a Zoo?

To keep gorillas responsibly in a zoo, it is vital for the enclosure to be as similar to the animal's wild habitat as possible. Gorillas are social animals and should be housed in groups of several... Read More »

Would the heart from a chimpanzee, gorilla or a orangutan work if transplanted in a human?

In theory, but the human's immune system would quickly attack and destroy the animal heart because it would be too different.

If the human white blood cells wouldn't reject a heart from a chimpanzee, gorilla or an orangutan would?

...Except it's already been done (sort of). And there is absolutely no way nowadays that anyone would ever get the go-ahead for such a transplant from any hospital's ethics committee. Her name was ... Read More »

If I was to wax a gorilla with babybel wax how fast would a train go if it was filled with uncle bucks turd?

Telephone poles, because motorcycles don't have doors.