Who would win a drinking contest between the English, Aussies and Germans?

Answer Observed at first hand... Aussies spend too much time bragging about how much they can drink to ever get down to proving it. (and their beer is like water). I once entered a contest beyween three ... Read More »

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In WWII Movies, Why Do The Germans Always Speak English, But With A German Accent?

Every so often you see a movie that has subtitles, but generally audiences don't like that sort of thing. Sometimes they give a few sentences in German, and then let the "translation" take over an... Read More »

If there was a contest on an account that you would win. Why would you want it?

The account previously belonged to a famous person?

Highschool parties-- underage drinking, if I'm not drinking and the cops bust the party would I be in trouble?

I think they usually round up everyone in the place and assume they all were drinking. That is the way it works around here so I think the answer is yes.

I would like to know the name of a legitimate photography contest?

Photo contests usually don't pan out. The judges usually don't know what a good photograph really is. One option you may have is to sell your photographs on microstock photography sites. Check this... Read More »