What bagged soil amendments would be best for potatoes?

Answer Straight compost is probably best, especially if you use a grow bag or grow box. Add sulfur to the mix, though, if your water source if off the Edwards aquifer. The pH of Edwards is ~9.0, which w... Read More »

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Why would Pokemon be on Cartoon Network at six thirty a.m.?

Would you steal fizzy lifting drink?

I wouldn't steal it, I would just take it

Which would be the tastiest animal to steal from the zoo?

A small child?? If non available, I'd go for a buffalo. They are delicious and will last you right through the winter.

Should I post my own music on youtube I really would hate for people to steal any of my riffs?

Put only audio, not video. That is one way, they will not see how you do it. Put a Picture up over the Audio, not Video, of your guitar or you or both.