Who would I see for eye pain?

Answer What you describe is unusual. The fact that they're not itchy or red kind of rules out some of the common things like conjuctivitis ("pink eye") and allergies , I would think, would cause itching.... Read More »

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Would would happen to a person if they took pain killers without needing them?

What would you do to stop ear pain?

Would you Help ease the pain?

Drink tea with honey and lemon or ginger ale!!!Nyquil if you have it.SLEEP!!!!HUGS!!!!And take a supplement like Airbourne or Emergen C.Sorry you are sick and I wish I could help you!!!!!

Would i feel pain if i got decapitated?

Yes. Decapitation (even if it is one cut like a guillotine) is actually quite gruesome. Your brain actually lives for about 30 seconds after the head is severed and you are fully aware of your surr... Read More »