Who works with cancer children?

Answer for emergencies, yes. but when you're 11, who do you really need to call or text?

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What's the BEST treatment for cancer... that "actually works"?

Cancer is a collective term for approximately 200 different diseases. Every cell type in your body can (in principle) develop into its own type of cancer. On top of that individual cancer cells in... Read More »

How does someone who works with children act professionally?

Anyone who works with children must have patience and understanding. That is key. Also, an educator must be aware of the fact that children will model after him or her, so it is wise to be moderate... Read More »

Symmetry in Art Works Suitable for Children?

You can use great works of art to teach symmetry in your classroom. Choosing the right image does not have to be a daunting task. Symmetry lessons can be centered around historical buildings, trad... Read More »

Can children get cancer?

No one is safe from cancer, including newborn babies. My son has a rare abdominal childhood cancer that predominately strikes boys and young adults. It is a devastating disease that affects the ent... Read More »