What day of the week was December 8, 1969?

Answer December 8, 1969 occurred on a Monday, and is the date that Greek airliner DC-6B crashed in Athens, Greece, killing 93 passengers. Also on this day, police in Los Angeles, California attacked the B... Read More »

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What childrens quizzes were on in 1969?

1969 Javelin SST 390 Information?

The AMC Javelin entered the American automobile industry in late 1967 as a 1968 model year vehicle. Intended as a competitor in the "pony car" market occupied by the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro ... Read More »

What was the minimum wage in 1969?

Minimum wage is the lowest rate at which an employer may pay employees for their services. It is set by the federal legislature as part of the United States' labor laws. The minimum wage was $1.00 ... Read More »

How did LBJ balance the budget in 1969?