Who was head of the 1968 CIA?

Answer William Egan Colby was the Director of the Centeral Intelligence Agency in the year 1968.

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What was the fare to the bus in 1968?

If you are a victim of child molestation, talk with an adult you trust. School counselors, coaches, or teachers are the best choices. Talk with them privately, and tell them what you are going thro... Read More »

1968 tv game shows?

What day of the week was October 12, 1968?

October 12 was on a Saturday in 1968. The opening ceremony of the 1968 Summer Olympics occurred on October 12, 1968. The games were held in Mexico City and had 112 countries competing in 172 events... Read More »

How to Lower a 1968 Impala?

The 1968 Chevrolet Impala has been a popular vehicle for many years, both for the long, low appearance of the car as well as the ample engine room available for "shade tree" mechanics to tinker fre... Read More »