I just took a twelve year old Tylenol?

Answer No concerns, it probably won't do much for you.

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I have just been told by my granddaughters nursery, that this year parents are not allowed to take photos,?

If your child is in costume maybe you can take photos after the show...ask if you can take your grandchild aside for a moment and take your own picks or if stage is still set up afterwards ask if y... Read More »

My BBC TV has just 'gone' has this happened to anyone else?

Don't forget to time how long it is off air for, then you can claim the rebate on your tv licence.

OKay this is what JUST happened to me I was crying for an hour!!!?

You could very well be stuck re-writting the book. Backup backup and backup if you don't suffer the consequences.And since this happens a lot I would run an anti-virus, anti-spyware and maybe consi... Read More »

What would you do if you caught your twelve year old daughter taking pictures of herself naked is that normal?

It may happen occasionally, but it is not really what you would call normal. A good deal of her slightly older classmates are probably posting "sexy" shots on MySpace and Facebook. You may want to ... Read More »