Who was the first Black actress nominated for an Oscar award?

Answer Actress Hattie McDaniel was the first African American woman to receive an Academy Award nomination. She was nominated and won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1939 for her portrayal of Mam... Read More »

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Who was the youngest child actor or actress to win an Oscar?

According to Record Holders, in 1974 Tatum O'Neal, at the age of 10, was the youngest Oscar winner for her role in Paper Moon. Shirley Temple, however, at the age of 6, was the younge... Read More »

In the old Daniel Boone TV series was the actress who played the daughter Jemima the sister of the actress who played the daughter in Danny Thomas' show?

Daniel Boone's daughter, Jemima, in the 1960s TV series was played by Veronica Cartwright.Veronica's sister, Angela Cartwright, is best known for her work in the original 1960s TV series, Lost in S... Read More »

Who is Oscar de la Renta?

Oscar de la Renta is a Dominican American fashion designer famous for his women's apparel, such as evening gowns and business suits. De la Renta has been the designer of choice for several United S... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Oscar?

The name Oscar has its roots in English and Gaelic, and it means "divine spear," "lover of deer" or "beloved of deer." It is a form of the name Osgar.References:Parents Connect: Baby Names: Oscar