How many game shows exist today?

Answer no

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How to Hunt Hogs?

Hogs are some of the most fun animals to hunt. They taste better than most other wild game. If you look hard enough you will find a lease for the right price. Hogs are the poor man's bear.

Can hogs get rabies?

Hogs can get rabies. The virus is transmitted through the bite of an infected animal, whether wild or domesticated. Among hogs, 36 percent of those bitten become infected. The risk of infection is ... Read More »

Hogs and Rabies?

The major carriers of rabies in the United States are wild animals such as bats, raccoons, foxes and skunks. Rabies is a virus that attacks the central nervous system and causes inflammation of the... Read More »

How Can We Get Rid of Ground Hogs?

There are two ways to get rid of groundhogs: live trapping and fumigation. Groundhogs are also called woodchucks and do not pose a threat to pets or children. They have been known to carry rabies, ... Read More »