The Fisheries Act of 1975?

Answer The Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act of 1975 of the United Kingdom regulates the procurement, killing and obstruction of fish by recreational and commercial fishermen. Its purpose is to prevent ... Read More »

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How to Get the Records of a GED From 1975 in San Diego?

The General Education Development (GED) exam is designed to evaluate whether an individual has the knowledge and skills equivalent to those who come from a high school education in the United State... Read More »

What was the price of gold in 1975?

According to historical data from Kitco, gold priced at $175 per troy ounce at the start of January, but saw a fairly steady decline to $140 per troy ounce by the end of December. Fun fact: gold hi... Read More »

Why Won't My 1975 Ford F-100 Start?

While there can be many reasons why a Ford 1975 F-100 may not start, there are a few general areas that usually reveal the problem. These areas include the battery, electrical array and fuel system.

How did women get into the military in 1975?

As of January 2011, it is Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.