I heard a noise in my loft last night and when I went to check, there was a bear up there. What do I do now?

Answer Leave a trail of honey from your loft into the garden and change all your door handles for door Knobs. The bear will follow the trail of honey and when hes outside shut the door, as bears don't hav... Read More »

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Who sang last night at the ESPN football game with the Colts... during the introduction to the game. She was blond and dressed in black?

Answer Kelly Clarkson sang "Never Again" from Indianapolis' Monument Circle, which was followed by a live performance at the RCA Dome by Indiana native John Mellencamp who belted out his timeless ... Read More »

Preschool Bear Game Activities?

Preschool is a wonderful time for children to learn more extensively about the world around them. One of the topics covered in most preschool classrooms is bears. Learning about bears helps childre... Read More »

How do you sign up for the TV game-show family game night?

How to Play Big Bear's Den (Ukrainian Snow Game)?

This is a game of Ukrainian origin and it is a fun activity that encourages younger children to exercise and keep warm when outdoors in the snow.