You are 15weeks pregnant and have a noticable buldge when you lay down but it seems to be bigger on one side than the other is this normal?

Answer This is completely normal. I'm lopsided as well.

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Battle of Rock and Pop(details inside)(the ultimate battle of Pro and anti Jonas people)?

Ha Ha Ha! That is a funny question!Classic Rock and Current Rock. Not that Pop Garbage.

What was the program called that used to be on Channel 4 years ago where contestants would recreate a battle digitally ie The Battle of Hastings?

In US battle deaths what is nontheatre battle deaths?

They are estimated because they have so little soldiers and not as many union soldiers.

What is a battle axe?

A battle axe is a type of axe built especially for warfare. The axe has been used as a weapon for millennia and, despite its basic design and less than subtle nature, has taken on a number of forms... Read More »