1953 Ford COE Specs?

Answer Known as helmet-shaped trucks, Ford COE haulers are an example of the Art Deco design found in vehicles made in the 1950s. These trucks were designed to be used as tow trucks or commercial haulers,... Read More »

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Who invented the pulsar in 1953?

A pulsar is not a man-made object, but rather a naturally occurring astronomical object. Pulsars are neutron stars that create pulses of radiation at regular intervals. They were first discovered... Read More »

What is the Wills Act of 1953?

The Navy and Marines (Wills) Act of 1953 repealed sections five and six of the original Navy and Marines Act of 1865, which regulated the writing of wills by marines and seamen. Specifically, those... Read More »

Where was the uss Indianapolis in 1953 and 1954?

At the bottom of the Pacific ocean. She was a cruiser that had just delivered critical material for the atomic bomb and was steaming home when it was torpedoed on 30 July 1945, and sank............... Read More »

Who was the captain in 1953 Of the Bonhomme Richard?

Captain Paul W. Watson was the Commanding Officer of the USS Bonhomme Richard (CV-31) from 1 May 1952 - 15 May 1953. The ship was temporarily decommissioned in 1953 for 2 years to upgrade her to ha... Read More »