Who won The Biggest Loser season 8?

Answer Danny Cahill won Season 8 of NBC's "The Biggest Loser." Cahill started the season at 430 pounds, and ended it at 239. Cahill lost a total of 191 pounds, the equivalent of 55.58 percent of his origi... Read More »

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Who was the biggest loser in season 1 of the biggest loser?

His name is Ryan Benson. He weighed 330lbs the first episode and at the finale he weighed 208lbs. There was a recent Biggest Loser: Where are they now episode and he had gained all but 10-15lbs back.

Who won Season 6 of the Biggest Loser?

Michelle Aguilar of Dallas,TX won the $250,000 grand prize, and Heba Salama won the $100,000 prize. Michelle was on Jillian's pink team and Heba was on Bob's orange team.

Who won season 8 of biggest loser US?

Who won the biggest loser season 9?