Who will refill hp ink cartridges?

Answer Hewlett Packard printers can cost you a lot of money---not just in the initial outlay for the printer itself, but in replacing the ink cartridges when they run out. It is possible, however, to refi... Read More »

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How do you refill ink cartridges?

Its not worth it, they are a pain and seldom work right afterwards. Just buy new/

Can you refill all ink cartridges?

Any ink cartridges can be refilled but only a few times each because the head wears down and it comes to a point where the cartridge will not work even when full.It is good for 3 refills on the saf... Read More »

How Do I Refill HP 132 Inkjet Cartridges?

PrepareTake the contents of the refill kit out. There will be one bottle of black ink and one syringe. Remove the empty ink cartridge from the printer. Remove the label to reveal the refill hole at... Read More »


Indeed from a brief search it seems your printer model does havesome CISS continuous ink systems available (not all printers do).If you plan to print a lot then CISS is an attractive solution becau... Read More »