Who will prescribe me dexedrine aug 2012?

Answer I'm afraid that with the greatest will in the world no NHS staff will preside this to you online because we could lose our jobs for that and be struck off the medical register so we could never wor... Read More »

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We filed on 1/17/2012, Why is the IRS telling us our DD will be 2/7/2012?

Michelle, please excuse my REALLY long explanation but I figured I would provide all of the info I have picked up from scouring around so that you and everyone else may feel somewhat comforted. So... Read More »

What sleep aid will my doc prescribe me?

Sleeping pills can give you bad side effects such as headaches and drowsiness during the day so you are better off without them.To sleep better just relax and switch off, if you can.If you are havi... Read More »

I fear I may have pubic lice. Will the doc prescribe an incesticide?

Sure. But try using lampcrotch girl as a bug light.

Will the doctor prescribe me weight loss pills or something?

The success rate of diet pills is very low and often there are side effects. It is highly unlikely that a doctor would prescribe diet pills at your young age.Perhaps you could try The Great Austra... Read More »