Who will cash a cashier's check?

Answer Cashier's checks are checks that are issued by the bank. They are generally considered legal tender because the check is backed by a financial institution and usually purchased with actual cash. Th... Read More »

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If you have a cashiers check written up for a deal and the deal goes wrong can you change the cashiers check?

Can a cashiers check be reissued?

An expired cashier's check can be reissued, but a processing fee is usually attached. If the expiration is recent, depositing it may still work, but fees will probably be applied by both banking in... Read More »

Can i have a cashiers check voided?

If you have the cashier's check you purchased in your possession, banks can void the check and credit your account for its amount, provided you return the check to the bank. If the check is not in ... Read More »

How to Stop a 10-Day Hold on a Cashiers Check?

A cashier's check is a bank draft purchased by a bank customer and written on the bank's deposits, not the customer's. When a cashier's check is obtained, the exact amount of the check is deposited... Read More »