Which company OLED TV will be hitting the market first So many companies are in the line of producing OLED TV in the market Which company OLED TV will be the first one to get released?

Answer LG has stated their OLED TV will be released in early Q3 2012. Samsung has indicated there release will be in Q2.

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What can cause twins to be stillborn after the first trimester and will there by any type of signs so you will know that your babies are still born?

Answerwhen said will you know babies are still born and gone is not correct. Stillborn is when you have carried a baby and the baby has died, and you still have to give birth. STILLBORN, STILLBIRTH... Read More »

Who will get the vaccine first?

The N1H1 vaccine will go to health care workers first, then to those that have weakened immune systems (elderly and small children, those will underlying health issues). Once that is done it will b... Read More »

When will i get my first period ?

first of all don't worry, i was in exactly the same position as you, my friends would talk about it and i would stand there looking like a lemon and i would pray (not literally) for my periods to s... Read More »

When will i ever get my first period?

Oh yeah, you will most definetly get it. Don't worry, I can assure you, in a few months, maybe 2-3 months, you'll get it.