How many lottery picks are there in the NBA draft?

Answer The NBA lottery was introduced in 1985 with the 7 teams not making the playoffs having an equal chance of winning the first pick in the draft. There now are 14 teams in the lottery, and the NBA use... Read More »

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When im done with your ESPN fantasy draft how do you leave the draft?

Yes they do have free leagues. Some are prize eligeable but the y cost money.

Dad picks up the phone while I'm using it... HELP.?

Use humor. When he picks up, laugh and tell your friends, "My poor dad! He has no friends of his own to talk to. Maybe if he'd brush his teeth more than once a month he could get his own peeps!"

What Are Soft Picks?

Keeping teeth clean between dental visits requires more than daily brushing. The use of dental floss is an additional means of removing food and plaque that lodges in between teeth. GUM Soft-Picks ... Read More »

My mic picks up everything in the background?

Right click the sound icon on the bottom right of your screen, next to the time and date. Click on "recording devices". Make sure all of the Microphone options are enabled.