Who were the sheep in nathan's parable?

Answer In chapter 12 of 2 Samuel, the prophet Nathan tells King David a parable, in which a rich man who has many flocks takes a poor man's beloved lamb, his only sheep, to prepare a meal. The meaning of ... Read More »

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What is Joe Nathans favorite fruit?

Joe Nathan's favourite fruit is a banana.

What is a parable handout?

A parable handout is a free pamphlet given to church members or someone interested in a particular church. The parable handout contains a story or parable from the Bible that teaches a lesson in si... Read More »

What is a parable best defined as?

A parable is similar to a figure of speech. Parables are used to convey an idea, religious lesson or message through a story. For example, the parable of the mustard seed in the Bible, Matthew 13:3... Read More »

Is plato's cave a parable?

Plato's Metaphor of the Cave or Allegory of the Cave refers to a parable that addresses ignorance and knowledge. In this parable, Plato envisions a group of people who live chained in a cave and be... Read More »