Where is Turks& Caicos?

Answer Turks and Caicos Islands are in the Caribbean. It is a 1-hour flight from Miami, and a 2.5-hour flight from New York. Besides flying in to the Islands, many cruise ships stop at Turks and Caicos.So... Read More »

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Who's more hairy - Turks or Greeks?

Ofcourse us ! Turks. but we are not arabs!!!

Who were the Turks in medieval times?

In the medieval era, the Turks were the leaders of the Ottoman Empire, which originated around 1300 C.E. and ended in the twentieth century. They were one of the most powerful and influential moder... Read More »

Problems for Turks Learning English?

Learning English is a challenging and rewarding activity for millions of people worldwide. With a growing economy and an expanding role in regional and world affairs, Turkey finds itself in need of... Read More »

Where are the turks&caicos islands located?

The Turks and Caicos are two groups of islands in close proximity to each other where the northern Caribbean meets the Atlantic Ocean. On a world map, the islands are located 575 miles southeast of... Read More »