Who were the military leaders for the US during the Spanish American War?

Answer Admirals Sampson and Dewey for the Navy.Generals Shafter and Miles for the Army.

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Who were the American Military leaders in Vietnam war?

Who were the American civilian and military leaders in the War of 1812?

there were many,but to answer your question the best i can,James Madison was president,george Clinton was vice president,commodore perry was famous for the "battle of lake Erie"and we can not forge... Read More »

What is the bird name use for US military leaders who appear eager to use military force to protect the US?

Those who are eager to use force to protect the US are referred to as "hawks" or "hawkish." They are in opposition to "doves." These terms extend to use beyond just military leaders; they can be us... Read More »

One of the US military leader in the Spanish American War?

General Nelson Miles, US Army and Admiral George Dewey, US Navy.