The Velvet Underground Didn't Sell Any Albums Because They Are Absolute Crap?

Answer Oh man...have I got some good ones....I find my self constantly defending my poor band...Freddie know he was gay right?Are all the members of Queen gay?Freddie likes it in the back co... Read More »

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How underground is the london underground?

Unless the smell of brimstone permeates the atmosphere I'd say not all that deep.

Are there any grants for funeral expense for immediate family members of military active duty members?

because the military was separated whites and blacks blacks where used to transport things not fight so theres no need for them

Can the board members quit without notice to it's members?

Yes, and many often do. Once the resignation is in place, however, it's the remaining board members' responsibility to notify the membership of the opening in the board, and to establish the replac... Read More »

Can board members submit other members proxies at a board of directors annual vote meeting?

Generally, association members may assign their votes to whomever they choose, and this may be a board member. It is possible that a member assigns an open proxy, or may assign a chosen proxy, usua... Read More »