Who were the first women in U.S. Army training?

Answer The Women's Army Auxiliary Corps was approved by U.S. Congress on May 14th, 1942, and signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt the next day, which enabled women to join the U.S. Army. The... Read More »

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US Army's Basic Training for Women?

Women in the Army are referred to as females and are held to the same standards as male soldiers. The U.S. Army trains both male and female soldiers in Basic Combat Training (BCT). Five Army bas... Read More »

You have completed Marine Basic Training Do you have to complete army as well to re enlist in the army?

No, you do not. The Marines is the only branch of Service that the US Army accepts people without going through any form of introduction training.

What is the differences about reserve officer training corp and citizens army training?

Can an E9 go to O1 in the army without training?

It's a situation which could only happen theoretically. Once you've reached the pay grade of E9, you're on the verge of retirement, and are well beyond the point of being eligible to become a Commi... Read More »