Can you people help me settle an argument with my finacee?

Answer No no no, what you want to do is just sterilize your willie by holding it over a naked flame for three minutes.

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Why do people say Russia is a Bad Country?

People seem to stereotype them because of their poverty the youth and street children.. Also, Russia is a declining market? and they have been doing horrible politically, economically, and socially... Read More »

Why did few people settle in the Great Plains of the United States at first?

In 1862 The Homestead Act was passed granting 160 acres to any settler who would actively work the land for five years. This in combination with the decline of the Civil War led to a rapid western ... Read More »

Should I settle for anything less... ?

Nobody should settle for less. However, there is a difference in being proud of how you look and being conceited. If you constantly brag about how thin you are, how much you exercise, how good yo... Read More »

Settle this argument please!?

The train. Made of heavier, denser materials. Especially the wheels and axles.