Who were the first people to discover Texas?

Answer Alonso Alvarez de Pineda, a Spanish explorer, was the first European to reach Texas in 1519. Pineda and his crew explored and mapped the Texas coastline along the Gulf of Mexico.Source:The Handbook... Read More »

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Who were the first people to live in Texas?

The first people to live in present-day Texas were there several centuries before the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas. Knowing a few facts about these people provides a better under... Read More »

Who were the first to discover sunspots?

Four astronomers share the credit for the discovery of sunspots. In 1611, the astronomers Galileo Galilei of Italy, Thomas Herriot of England, Christopher Schiener of Germany and Johann Goldsmid (a... Read More »

Were the same people of the Boston explosion behind the Texas bombings?

Well for one thing Texas WAS NOT a bombing. It was a terrible industrial accident.

Who were the first people to be in Washington?

The answer is: It depends. It depends on how disabled you have become, due to arthritis. You will have to have medical documentation to prove that you have become so disabled that you cannot work a... Read More »