Who were the first people to discover Texas?

Answer Alonso Alvarez de Pineda, a Spanish explorer, was the first European to reach Texas in 1519. Pineda and his crew explored and mapped the Texas coastline along the Gulf of Mexico.Source:The Handbook... Read More »

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How do people discover that they have diabetes?

If you Are that really concerned than ask your doctor to check for you. Also you can check yourself by checking your blood sugar levels. Being thirsty can just mean you are thirsty and need more wa... Read More »

When did people discover wetlands?

Wetlands have been around longer than humans have inhabited the Earth. Wetlands encompass the world and are present in all regions and climates.They include swamps and estuaries, lakes, reefs and l... Read More »

How do you discover good qualities in other people?

At times, it is easy to be cynical and see only the worst in our fellow humans. However, there are active steps you can take to recognize the good qualities in other people. To do this, you must be... Read More »

Who was the first scientist to discover that a substance in food could affect people's health?

Cornelius Adrianus Pekelharing (1848-1922) was a Dutch professor who specialized in nutrition. In experiments culminating in 1905, he fed different animals a diet of purified carbohydrates, protein... Read More »