What is the name of that SCIFI show where about 5 people need to save the earth after they were shown what was going to happen and were sent back in time The intro had the earth exploding?

Answer Odyssey 5

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What will happen to the people in the earth if the planets of solar system were alligned?

The alignment of all planets would result in freak weather, planetary oscilllation (wobbling on their axis) and the apocalypse. However few planets are perfectly on the eccliptic so could not be pr... Read More »

How could the people in Battlestar Galactica end up on Earth when they were there at the start of season 4.5 and it was nuked?

The answer requires a little background. First, there were really two "Earths". The first Earth was mentioned in the mythology of the 12 Colonies. While the 12 colonies left the planet Kobol to set... Read More »

Who were the first people to be in Washington?

The answer is: It depends. It depends on how disabled you have become, due to arthritis. You will have to have medical documentation to prove that you have become so disabled that you cannot work a... Read More »

Who were the first people living in Mexico?

Long before the rise of the Aztec, Mayan and Toltec empires, Mexico was ruled by the Olmecs. The Olmec people established a sophisticated culture of art, agriculture and trade in the states now kno... Read More »