Who were the finalists on Alisha's street dance stars 2011 on CBBC?

Answer they where lil diamonz which eventually they won ,wicked which came second and g25 where not able to perform for various reasons

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Who picks which dance the stars will dance on dancing with the stars?

The judges sometimes pick the dance they will be like on certain nights you have to pick your dance and song from a disco ball and only have 20 minutes to practice and other times the pair picks th... Read More »

Any reviews or detailed product description for the Sesame Street Wiggle Jiggle Dance and Giggle Dance Mat Book?

Three of them, I would love to make a Successful show and win Emmys and Golden Globes. RIP Jim Henson.

Do you know the name of this cbbc program it was on cbbc in about 2000-2 and features the adventures of two fuzzy characters who travel space on their sofa?

Totally, man. And you know how he accomplished that? He just said, "Make it so." AND IT WAS FRIKKIN' MADE SO.

When does dancing with the stars air in 2011?