Who were the early pioneers of special education?

Answer Special education refers to special academic services given to students of all ages who have written IEPs (individualized education plans). The special education services in today's public schools ... Read More »

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Who were the early pioneers in vaccinations?

Some well-known pioneers: Louis Pasteur Pasteur wrote "the germs of microscopic organisms abound in the surface of all objects, in the air and in water." He figured out these microorganisms could b... Read More »

Early Intervention Special Education Grants?

Early intervention programs are a vehicle to locate children at highest risk of learning failure and start them in programs early enough to prevent learning issues. Research, early intervention pro... Read More »

BS Early Childhood Special Education Programs in Missouri?

It takes a person with a lot of patience and skill to educate children who have disabilities, and it takes a special education degree to become a qualified educator. Many colleges and universities ... Read More »

If you were an early childhood education student in placement and....?

My guess would be that what she means is that she would like for you to model yourself after her. Is she expecting you to fully run the classroom? Is this a field placement or student teaching? ... Read More »