Who were the bereans?

Answer The Bereans were the inhabitants of an ancient city called Berea, in Greece. It's now known as Veria. They are mentioned in the New Testament in Acts 17:10-15. They were eager to hear the Gospel th... Read More »

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What Are Bereans in Terms of Religion?

The term "Bereans" refers not to a specific mainstream religion, but to many individuals who profess a belief in Christianity as it is expressed solely through the words of the Bible. The term has ... Read More »

Who are you you are an artist you were in the US military you are an aurthor you were a good student in elementary school you were a leader or the US you are considered a saver to many?

Eighteen on your own or seventeen with parental consent (mom or dad has to sign for you.)

How old were you when you were totally comfortable with who you were?

I’d begun to feel more confident and empowered when I was fifteen after an enriching summer abroad experience, but it was really at the end of my junior year of high school when I was sixteen tha... Read More »

Who were the members of the band that played in Miami vice pilot Were they a real group or were they actors?