How did Iwo Jima help the Allies win the war?

Answer Iwo Was and island that i belive was 600 miles away from japan. the Japs had 3 key airfeilds on it if the U.S. could get there planes taking of there instead of other island airfields this would dr... Read More »

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Who were the Ottoman Empire's allies?

The signing of the Turco-German Alliance in 1914 brought the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) into the first World War. It joined the Central Powers, and the Ottoman Empire allied with Germany and Austria-H... Read More »

Why did the Allies depend on America in World War 1?

In a word (or three), money and supplies: The Allies were bolstered by the goods received by way of ship convoy, as well as money. Personnel, warplanes, tanks, warships, and ammunition literally po... Read More »

How to Win a Skirmish Immediately As the Allies in Red Alert 3?

Want a near guaranteed win in Red Alert 3? I have yet to lose a battle with this plan. You can have an opponent defeated at the very beginning of the game.

How to Find Allies on City of Wonder if You Don't Use Facebook?

City of Wonder is a simple and enjoyable role playing or simulation game that can be downloaded as an app for smartphones and the iPad. If you don't have a Facebook account, or you don't want peopl... Read More »