Who were the Ottoman Empire's allies?

Answer The signing of the Turco-German Alliance in 1914 brought the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) into the first World War. It joined the Central Powers, and the Ottoman Empire allied with Germany and Austria-H... Read More »

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How did Iwo Jima help the Allies win the war?

Iwo Was and island that i belive was 600 miles away from japan. the Japs had 3 key airfeilds on it if the U.S. could get there planes taking of there instead of other island airfields this would dr... Read More »

How to Win a Skirmish Immediately As the Allies in Red Alert 3?

Want a near guaranteed win in Red Alert 3? I have yet to lose a battle with this plan. You can have an opponent defeated at the very beginning of the game.

Why did the Allies depend on America in World War 1?

In a word (or three), money and supplies: The Allies were bolstered by the goods received by way of ship convoy, as well as money. Personnel, warplanes, tanks, warships, and ammunition literally po... Read More »

How to Find Allies on City of Wonder if You Don't Use Facebook?

City of Wonder is a simple and enjoyable role playing or simulation game that can be downloaded as an app for smartphones and the iPad. If you don't have a Facebook account, or you don't want peopl... Read More »