Who were the Ottoman Empire's allies?

Answer The signing of the Turco-German Alliance in 1914 brought the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) into the first World War. It joined the Central Powers, and the Ottoman Empire allied with Germany and Austria-H... Read More »

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How to Play As Ottoman in Age of Empires III?

Age of Empires III is a complex game that is both single and multiplayer. One of the most difficult civilizations to play as it the Ottoman civilization. Although playing as this civilizations has ... Read More »

How did the ottoman get its name?

Answer the first Ottoman Sultan's name was OSMAN 'Uthman'!OSMANLI (turkish language)Ottoman (english language)

The Meaning of Ottoman?

Depending on the context, the word ottoman can mean very different things. When it appears in lowercase letters in the context of interior design or home decoration, the word ottoman refers to a pi... Read More »

Ottoman Styles?

Ottomans rose to prominence in the 18th century in Europe as small boxes topped with pillows. The piece of furniture quickly rose in popularity, even finding fame as Little Miss Muffet's tuffet in ... Read More »