Who were the Chicago American Giants?

Answer The Chicago American Giants, formed in 1911 by Andrew "Rube" Foster, were one of the top Negro League baseball teams in history and the winners of five Negro National League pennants, two Negro Wor... Read More »

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Who were the giants of old?

In Genesis 6:14, the Bible mentions the children of the fallen angels borne by human women are called Nephilim. These children are considered to be giants and sometimes the heroes of old. The Bible... Read More »

When were red giants discovered?

An astronomer named David Fabricius discovered the first red giant, named Mira, on August 3, 1596. A red giant is a pulsating star, similar to the sun, that is nearing the end of its life and is be... Read More »

What was the name of a 60s or 70s tv show about scientist who were shunken and lived in a land of giants?

When are Chicago auditions for American idol?

i don't know where it acactaly is but i know its in Chicago and calliforya. hope u find what your looking for people. :)