Do black panthers live in southeast Texas?

Answer Even though people may think that they have seen a black panther in southeast Texas, it is a myth. The black panther does exist, but only in Asia, Africa and Indonesia. Residents of east Texas ofte... Read More »

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Back then when the world had black and white tvs,were there black and white computers too?

There was almost only text on computers, just text.

Who were the actors on Black Beauty?

"Black Beauty" has had several iterations on both film and television. Actors on the 1972 television show include William Lucas and Charlotte Mitchell. Actors in the 1994 movie include Sean Bean an... Read More »

Who were the military black ops of the 1980s?

In the US Military Delta Force were the only unit who condicted Black operations. Then SEAL Team 6 joined them later when they were created.

How many black soldiers were in WWII?

According to John P. Schmal, 1,154,720 African Americans served in the armed forces during World War II. When the war broke out in 1941, black soldiers were put into segregated units and denied com... Read More »