Who were Poseidon spouse children siblings parents?

Answer Poseidon's wife's children's sibling's parents were obviously Poseidon and his wife!

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Did any children live alone or with siblings if both parents were killed in the war?

Answer There are no actual records of this, but from the stories I've heard and some research the children would either live with relatives, grandparents and if they weren't available they were ad... Read More »

Is Poseidon the oldest out of his siblings?

no Zeus is read Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Who are the older siblings of Poseidon?

He did not have any older brothers or sisters, he had 6 twins or sextuplets

How many children did Poseidon have?

The exact number of children fathered by Poseidon, Olympian god of the sea, is unknown. Poseidon was known to have many trysts with both humans and goddesses. He sired three children with his wife,... Read More »