Who were Lottie Moons siblings?

Answer You can just be really mean to her and lie to her. You can blame her for stuff you did and steal her things. (money) Say stupid things that make her friends laugh at her. (This will work especially... Read More »

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Please pray for Lottie?

I am praying. I pray for Lottie all the time. God Bless.And my son said Mama when he was 14 months old =)

A final "Lottie Update"?

So many things ...My son died of leukaemia when he was 6 years old.I wish I had stayed at home (I returned to work when he was 9 months old) with him and enjoyed every single moment of his life.I w... Read More »

Please pray for baby Lottie?

Jesus I ask that you extend your healing hand to Baby Lottie. Touch this little one with a miracle that becomes a leap of faith that spreads from soul to soul and heart to heart. Let them see ... Read More »

Are there any moons on Neptune?

The planet Neptune has 13 moons as of February 2011. Astronomers first believed Neptune had three moons. The 1989 Voyager flyby discovered another five moons, bringing the count to eight. Between 2... Read More »