Who were Johann mullers siblings?

Answer It all depends who the audience is and what you want your main message to be. Are you for or against it? Are you desiring to help? Were you pregnant as a teen and desire to tell your story? It all ... Read More »

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What did Johann Baptist Isenring do with photographs?

In the mid 19th-century, Johann Baptist Isenring produced the first hand-colored photographs by mixing pigments with gum Arabic and permanently fixing it to the daguerreotype photo with heat.

What is in Johann Jacobs Museum, in switzerland?

It is a museum about the history of coffee.They have a website including an English version you could have just used Google or any other search engine to get your answer.

How many children did johann sebastian bach have?

According to the Biography Channel, Johann Sebastian Bach fathered a total of 20 children with two wives. Only ten of the children lived to adulthood. Four of his children became involved in music.... Read More »

What instruments did Johann Sebastian Bach play?

Johann Sebastian Bach played the violin, clavichord, harpsichord and organ. As a child, he may have learned wind or additional string and keyboard instruments---his father, Johann Ambrosius Bach, w... Read More »