How to Wrestle Someone Who Weighs More Than You?

Answer In this article, you are going to learn how to wrestle someone heavier than you.

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What weighs more: gas or water?

Water weighs significantly more than gas, regardless of how dense the gas molecules are. Water vapor, a type of gas, weighs less than any other form of water, such as ice.References:Lake Side Press... Read More »

My cousin is 10 and is 5'1 and weighs 116 is she fat?

yeah because okay ya know i am 11 and way 65 pounds and am 5'1. she is kida fat. sorry

My son now weighs 159 Pounds is he fat?

It all depends on how much fat he has on him, if u could get pictures of him and look at them, you could see how skinny or fat he is... As for what I see and read now, he's a growing boy! the fat s... Read More »

Which one weighs more fat or muscle?

Muscle weighs much more that fat...I did a lab in class about this with a pig...I won't get into details but again muscle weighs more than fat.Wether that good or bad info. that's what I know.Good ... Read More »