Who are the meanest actors/actresses?

Answer I hear Christian Bale throws a mean tantrum . And Mel Gibson is kind of a tyrant. Lots of A-list actresses get unreasonable amenities wherever they go. Apparently Justin Bieber wants to give him a ... Read More »

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Who was the meanest drill instructor in the marines?

SSgt Dantzler, MCRD San Diego Plt 3097 07/98-10/98

Who is the meanest judge in American idol?

i would say Simon cowl but that's just my apinon so who ever asked this question get a life most people think Simon, but i think its Paula, she is mean to not admit her immediate answer; yes or no.... Read More »

What's the meanest thing someone has ever said to you ?

dunno anything towards me that was mean HAAA ive heard a lot more but one time i called this girl a fatass cuz she's overweight and very sensitive about it. i told her no one likes her and that she... Read More »

How to Deal With the Meanest Girls at Your School?

You are just a normal, kind girl at your school. Then, a group of girls start to come after you and annoy you like crazy.