Who was this dentist who had AIDS and spread it to 5 or 6 patients on purpose.?

Answer Dr. David Acer.I recall at the time, he knew he was HIV+, and had supposedly told a friend, "They won't do anything about finding a cure until old ladies and little kids start dying of it".It is be... Read More »

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Is AIDS likely to be spread if an injection needle is reused after being used on aperson with AIDS?

What can we do to help patients afflicted by AIDS?

Allow them to live peacefully, avoid publicity and those trying to help them must ensure that those patients must have a well drawn out routine, which does not strain them physically, mentally or s... Read More »

Can AIDS be spread from eating after someone who has it?

A person catches human immunodeficiency virus--HIV, not AIDS. AIDS is the final stage of HIV illness. HIV is too weak to live on its own so it can't be transmitted by sharing eating utensils or dri... Read More »

Why cant mosquitoes spread HIV/AIDS?

Vincent O,Studies with HIV clearly show that the virus responsible for the AIDS infection is regarded as food to the mosquito and is digested along with the blood meal. As a result, mosquitoes that... Read More »