Who was the youngest baby to walk?

Answer 3 months Benjamin Paul Clay

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Who was the youngest couple to have a baby?

According to Wikipedia, the youngest mother gave birth at 5 years and 7 months old. This was possible because she had a precocious puberty beginning at 2.5 years old.Typically, a woman must go thro... Read More »

How old is the youngest child to have a baby?

Who was the youngest baby to crawl?

My second baby crawled at 5 months!! She is now a "middle" child & is now 7.She has been non-stop ever since!But they youngest was a baby in India at the age of 3 months.!

What age do you think is the youngest people should even CONSIDER having a baby?

21 if you talking a must! to be real honest 24 25 would be perfect! cause they would have got all their partying out. and past the stage of "bad guys" are hot! parents probably arent pampering them... Read More »