Who was the voice for Woody Woodpecker?

Answer Mel Blanc (who also voiced Daffy Duck, Barney Rubble and Foghorn Leghorn) was the original voice-actor for Woody Woodpecker. However, Grace Stafford (despite being uncredited in early episodes), is... Read More »

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What kind of bird is Woody Woodpecker?

National Public Radio's bird commentator Julie Zickefoose says that Woody Woodpecker shares physical characteristics such as a pointy, red crest and long bill with the pileated woodpecker. Ornithol... Read More »

Who plays the voice of Woody in Toy Story 2?

The voice of the character "Woody" in the movie "Toy Story 2" is that of actor Tom Hanks. The movie was released by Pixar Animation Studios in 1999 and was nominated for Best Original Song at the O... Read More »

Who plays the voice of woody in the film toy story?

Two-time best actor Academy Award winner Tom Hanks voiced the character of Woody the cowboy in the 1995 Disney/Pixar film "Toy Story." Hanks reprised the role in 1999's "Toy Story 2" and 2010's "To... Read More »

Who plays the voice of Woody in the movie"Toy Story 2"?

Just as he did for the original "Toy Story" movie in 1995, Academy Award-winner Tom Hanks played the voice of "Woody" the toy cowboy in the 1999 Disney/Pixar film "Toy Story 2." Toy... Read More »