When did the twenty-first century begin?

Answer The Gregorian calendar has the first century as running from AD 1 to AD 100. This means that the end of the twentieth century was December 31, 2000. The exact time the twenty-first century began wa... Read More »

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How to Use Twenty-First Century Learning Techniques in a School Classroom?

Our lives in the 21st century are mixed with and dependent on technology. Learning has changed a lot in the last few years, and a lot of that change comes from the advent of new technologies that m... Read More »

The first president who was director of the CIA?

If the government really wanted to prevent drugs from entering this country, they would. However, if you are looking for a non-conspiracy theory answer, look at how much money we spend every day on... Read More »

Who was the first president of the US who was a CIA director?

Who was the first black person to run for president?

The first black person to run for president was Charlene Mitchell, in 1968. She was also the first female named on a general election ballot. Mitchell received a total of 1,075 votes from 4 states.... Read More »