What was the price of a thirty-second commercial during the Super Bowl in 2005?

Answer The Super Bowl, the championship game event for the National Football League, is routinely one of the most widely-viewed televisions programs in America. A 30-second commercial during the game in 2... Read More »

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Why is every video (without exception) posted by the BBC on youtube accompanied with a thirty second advert?

Those videos are actually few of the reasons why Youtube is free. So instead of complaining about it, you should as well be thanking these advertisements.

Who was the second left-handed President?

The second left-handed President of the United States was Herbert Hoover. There have been eight left-handed Commanders-in-Chief in U.S. history (as of 2010), with the first being James Garfield. Ha... Read More »

Who was the Second revolutionary Mexican president who took aid from the US but strongly resisted American Military intervention in his country?

How to Get a Medical Degree at Thirty?

Becoming a doctor is a large commitment that takes up to 16 years to complete. Traditionally, most medical students enter programs within a couple years after graduating college. If you are 30 or o... Read More »