Who was the secret service guard who died protecting president Coolidge?

Answer Never made by S&W and never used by the Secret Service.

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Which would be more pressure on the Secret Service - protecting a president-elect or protecting him once he is in office?

Tough question. On the one hand, a new subject has not usually had experience working with the Protective Detail, and as such may commit security SNAFU's accidentally. On the other hand, the Presid... Read More »

Which president's assassination caused the secret service to assume responsipility of protecting the president in 1902?

Sorry, that information is normally not publicly available until after the sitting president has left the office.

Do the secret service carry weapon when protecting the president over seas?

You Have To Be 18 Or Older. And Before Being In The Service You Are Going To Have To Take Tests On Your Strengh, Self-Ability, Etc., They Take It Seriously.(:

Was steven seagal ever in the secret service or did he ever guard the president?