1960-70 Hairstyles?

Answer The decade of the '60s was a time of great social change in the U.S. The generation that won World War II was in mid-life and their children were all in high school and college. The Baby Boomers ad... Read More »

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The Specifications for a 1960 Cadillac?

The 1960 Cadillac is a classic collector's automobile that leaves a memorable imprint on your mind. There were three popular models from the 1960 lineup: Eldorado, DeVille and Brougham. Cadillac de... Read More »

How to Restore a 1960 Chevy Bel Air?

The 1960 Chevy Bel Air is known as one of America's most beloved cars. It was the family car of the 1960s and remains in the hearts of many around America still today. To find out more about how t... Read More »

Who made dishwashers in 1960?

There were several dishwasher manufacturers around 1960. Westinghouse first advertised its Roll About Dishwasher in 1959, as did General Electric with its Mobile Maid dishwasher. Frigidaire had sev... Read More »

1960 Hippie Hairstyles?

The hippie movement, which began in the 1960s, rebelled against conformity. Individuals who embraced this movement went against the political and social grain of the time and expressed their dedica... Read More »