Did the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940 provide for officer promotion to temporary rank or was promotion of officers covered under the U.S. National Defense Tax Act of 1940?

Answer Yes. Here is a list of the military bases in Virginia, by service branch. (Note: These are only major installations.) ArmyFort A.P. HillFort LeeFort EustisFort BelvoirNavy & Marine Corps.Marine Cor... Read More »

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Who are the people sitting below the President's podium facing away from the President during the President's State of the Union Address?

Is the 1940 us census available?

Some of the 1940 U.S. Census can be obtained through, the website for the U.S. Census Bureau; however, the official release date for all of the Census information is not until April 2, 2... Read More »

Hairstyles in the 1940's?

Every era leaves behind a bit of fashion history, and hairstyles are no exception. It's fairly common for hairstyle trends of past decades to make their way back into style. Styles of the 1970s mad... Read More »

What Bandages were used in 1940?

Answer They used curity economy triangular bandages made by the division of the Kendell Co. They used many other bandages but they were all different shapes and sizes of the triangular bandages an... Read More »