How much was the dollar worth in 1860?

Answer According to calculations from the Measuring Worth website, one dollar in 1860 is worth about $26.60 in our current economy. This figure is based on the Consumer Price Index from the U.S. Bureau of... Read More »

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What Would 1860 Front Porch Furniture Look Like?

Decorate an antique porch of the American Civil War era with 1860 porch furniture. As a contrast to the large, wrap-around circular porches of the later Queen Anne style, mid-Victorian homes of 186... Read More »

What is the name of the vacuum cleaner invented in 1860?

Any replacement bulb, LED or not, can be used, so long as the voltage specs are respected and that the bulb's contacts are of the same type.

How many saiors were in the confedarate navy in 1860?

It costs nothing. The Navy invites you to try out under their payment. If you go to the Naval Academy, you get to train as part of your college course.

What are the US Foreign policy beliefs before 1860?

I only found a budgeted amount at the State Department website. It looks like it's about $53 trillion but I am not sure as I try to add the subdivisions and it does not add to the $53 trillion. I h... Read More »